Stored Void

installation / music

By Francesco Fabris & Blair Alexander

Site-specific installation commissioned by Lunga Festival for the Silo in Seydisfjordur, Iceland.

The disused fish tank had its space transformed into a multi-sensory chamber where sound, light and scent meet together in an industrial environment.

The piece is a meditation on absence and presence, the void out of a presumed necessity in a place that’s been built by humans and then abandoned. The installation is an exercise of displacement in a setting that has been deprived from its primal function while allowing the natural sound properties of its material to come alive and be experienced from a new prospective.

The light sculpture takes motivation from the silo and plays with the structure’s degradation in the form of an entropic series of circles. The soundscape features field recordings from the space that look to encapsulate and amplify the natural resonance of the silo. The scent of the installation has been curated and provided by Fischersund to accompany both the industrial elements of the silo as well as its previous purpose. 

The multi-sensory experience allows a constant interaction with the architecture of the structure, shaping into a site-specific moment speaking to time and space.