music / video

Spheronization is an audiovisual work composed in 2014 in Milan.

The work is based on the process of aggregation and dissipation between different types of processed materials: inorganic (yellow sphere), organic (blue sphere) and pure electronic sounds (green sphere). All spheres are moving in a dark empty space. The first two materials represent the real world which surrounds and defines the human condition. The third one represents the human condition itself.


Published for AudioMat,  Krakow, PL

Finalist of Premio Claudio Abbado 2015, Conservatory “Domenico Cimarosa”, Avellino, Italy

31 October 2014 – Academy Theatre, Conservatory “A. Steffani”, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

27 November 2014 –  Conservatory “G .F. Ghedini”, Cuneo, Italy

20 November 2014 – Audio Art Festival 2014 c/o Aula ASP CIME/PSeME, Krakow, PL

06 May 2015 – Konferencja Obszarów Sztuki / Art Space Conference, Arteteka, Krakow, PL

25 October 2017 – SICMF2017 Seul International Computer Music Festival, Seul, South Korea