music / video

By Francesco Fabris & Ava Imogen Grayson

Site-specific audiovisual performance commissioned by NONAGON Festival in the oil tank of Svanö, Sweden.

Every place contains traces of the events that have occurred over the ages. Through their collaborative piece using entirely site-specific audiovisual materials, Fabris and Grayson weave a narrative specific to the cistern and its surrounding geography: through the body of the cistern itself, into the surrounding land from which the local culture has flourished, and into the backbone of the earth from where our societal thirst for petroleum finds it gratification.

Deconstructed sounds, field recordings and footage from the oil tank have been pieced together with vocal melodies inspired by folk farm Swedish songs (kulning). Data charts from oil demand and consumptions have been used as a storytelling tool for the AV performance tracking the development of the organic nature of oil components into artificial and dangerous ones.

More documentation coming soon.