Olivia Salvadori & Sandro Mussida – Dare Voce


Olivia Salvadori is a classically-trained soprano, an operatic solo performer, and an experimental recording artist. Combining her deep, lyrical voice and electronic soundscape, her music creates an eclectic avant-garde union. Her powerful yet sublime voice contrasted with pensive, classically-influenced electronic accompaniment creates a charged, intimate ambiance with enigmatic undertones. For Olivia, music is an on-going and limitless journey, guided by personal vision and creativity. She lives and works between London and Milan.


©2016 Sony Classical

A brief anthology of short stories, Dare Voce takes the listener on a journey through different languages, compositional techniques, orchestrations, and recording processes with Olivia’s deep and powerful lyrical voice, complimented by classically influenced electronic soundscape.

Electronics on “Il nome delle piante” and “Free from the I (Eye)”



Live electronics at:

La Triennale di Milano, Milan, June 2015
Terraforma Festival, Bollate, Milan, May 2014
Casa Bertallot, Milan, 12nd May 2014
Assab One, Milan, 19th October 2013
Hangar Bicocca Contemporary Art Museum, Milan, 2010
Parole di Lulù, Casale Sul Treia, Roma, 2010