MAGMAS Sound Archive Vol.1


Sound Archive Vol.I is MAGMAS’ first output, a new label & art platform founded in Milan during the limbo of spring 2020, curated by Riccardo Valle / DæmonTapes and focused on the forefront of contemporary audio/visual creativity.

During these suspended times, in which musicians and producers are bound home due to the lockdown, rather than announcing itself by issuing official releases, MAGMAS chose to do so with this collection of 160 samples, recorded and selected by some of the best Italian sound designers, producers and musicians.

Drones, noises, glitches, synth loops, field recordings, drum grooves and sound design tools, a veritable treasure trove for producers in search of inspiration.

Sounds Archive Vol.I will be available from 04.30.2020 for a limited time for just 5€ exclusively on

“Living in Iceland during this pandemia I isolated myself being in the studio just with machines or going outside with no one around surrounded only by the nordic landscapes .
Accordingly, the selection that came out is based either on processed field recordings or synths sketches. The raw materials I used are recordings of glaciers, frozen lakes, water, wind and various metal surfaces together with some modules and a few Max4Live patches.

I then re-amped all samples in the same room with the aim of giving them a more unified identity”.