KRK SoundShadows



This installation made in 2015 is an interactive sound map of Krakow. By moving hands above a map, visitors can experience various soundscapes of different parts of the city. Field recordings have been tracked with binaural microphones allowing to recreate a realistic representation of the hearable environment.

The interface is built using nine light sensors which react to the variations of light while hovering the map with hands. The sensors are connected to an Arduino shell while a Max patch controls the data and the sound processing.

KRK SoundShadows is the result of a collaboration between Francescco Fabris, Denim Szram and Patrycja Maksylewicz for the “European Affairs” Exposition at the international meeting between the University of Art Science of The Hague (Netherlands) and the Intermedia Department of Krakow (Poland).


Francesco Fabris: concept, programming, manufacturing
Patrycja Maksylewicz: concept, manufacturing
Denim Szram: sound recording and editing


19/02/2015 – “European Affairs” Exposition, Galeria Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow (PL)

11-14/06/2015 – Audiosfera, Intermedia Art Faculty Department, Krakow (PL)