music / video


A commission by S. Fedele Musica Foundation of Milan for the Acusmonium Sator. First Prize Winner of San Fedele Music Prize 2016.

Kigen is an electroacoustic audiovisual performance inspired by the “Genesis” from the Old Testament. It’s divided in 7 movements, each representing a single day of the creation process.

The live electronics is based on electroacoustic elements, acusmatic parts and real time processing on concrete sounds.

The visual part is based on the same concept and it’s real-time audio reactive featuring video photographical elements and geometrical/abstract contents.

The audio spatialisation is based on a 4.1 multichannel system.

Kigen will be released in a specifically re-arranged and mixed stereo reduction.

Cover photo by Patrycja Maksylewicz


17/10/2016 –  INNER_SPACES – Festival Milano Musica, Auditorium S. Fedele Foundation, Milan

27/11/2016 – AudioArtFestival, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland

18/02/2017 – Nuove Percezioni, Benetton Foundation/Bomben Spaces, Treviso

23/03/2017 – QuattroPuntoUno, StudioSoundLab, Bologna