KIGEN is a composition inspired by the “Genesis”, from the Old Testament. It’s divided in seven movements, each describing a single day of the biblical Creation process.
The length and dynamic of each movement are golden ratio-based and were originally composed as an audiovisual quadriphonic performance.

The first track depicts the origin of light and darkness, using as main features diverse forms of noise, alternated with silence and unstable low frequencies.
Residual noises mutate into wind sounds introducing the second piece which represents the genesis of the four elements: air, water, fire and earth. The track is divided in four parts based on processed field and foley recordings, tracked with binaural techniques and additional harmonic incursions generated from the resonating bodies of the inorganic materials.
In the third day concrete recordings of trees and plants emerge together with primitive sound waves, fragmented melodies and essential repetitions, to symbolise the birth of the first living beings.
In the fourth day space is created and harmonic structures appear for the first time, evolving in a dramatic crescendo of layered textures.
The fifth day features animal sounds, leading to the creation of mankind, where voices, percussive patterns, melodic elements and harmonic textures accumulate and saturate to the ending seconds of final rest.

A commission by S. Fedele Musica Foundation of Milan for the Acusmonium Sator. First Prize Winner of the “San Fedele Music Prize 2016”.

Composed, recorded and mixed by Francesco Fabris in Bassano del Grappa (IT) and Krakow (PL) in 2016.

Cover picture by robots designed by Patrycja Maksylewicz

© 2016