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Cell is a performance for generative real-time audio reactive video, live electronics and amplified cello.

The soloist instrument is considered as a sonic object seeking new timbral possibilities connected with the electronic processing on the cello itself. Every part of the instrument is explored by the musician to create sounds which are typically associated with an electronic environment.

The piece starts from a timbre cell which can be easily recognised to be from the cello and evolve developing the idea of using the entire body of the instrument until it’s completely absorbed by the electronic dimension.

The visuals are real-time generated from single image of an egg, which is the biggest cell in nature.


26/03/2015 –  ElektroNova – Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Solvay, Krakow, PL. Cellist: Jakub Gucik

17/04/2015 – International Festival of Krakow Composers, Krakow, PL w/ “net_cell”. Cellist: Jakub Gucik

“net_cell” is a revisited version in which the cello player and the electronic musician are playing in different locations: the first one in front of a real audience while the second one in performing using a Internet network using the streaming delay as a tool to change the final result of the live performance. Cellist: Jakub Gucik

23/09/2015 – 60dB, Conservatory “B. Marcello”, Venice. Cellist: Kateryna Bannyk



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